Dimension 4 Furniture

Go beyond the three dimensions of width, depth, and height - to a fourth dimension where there's a vast choice of options other furniture makers simply don't offer.

Brought to you by Country Heritage Woodcraft. This is Amish furniture beyond expectations...

TV Base 48-32-18, Series 200 / Pier Tower 24-78-18, Series 200 / TV Hutch 48-54-18, Series A


When it comes to entertainment units, everyone has a different idea of what's fabulous. With Dimension Four, the ways to achieve the perfect result are nearly unlimited.
Desk Base 50-32-18, Series 900


Build office furniture to perfectly match your space and needs. From style and finish to features and functionality, your options are wide open.
3-Piece Bookcase Corner Unit


When is a bookcase more than just a bookcase? When it's a TV stand, curio cabinet, or pier tower. Bookcases are one thing, but our bookcases are something else entirely.


Occasional tables are available in cabinet styles as well as a wide variety of leg and skirting styles so you can combine them with entertainment units, desks, or bookcases to create matching themes.
Kitchen Island Base 58-35-19, Series 300/800 / Kitchen Island Top 30-78


The kitchen is where family gathers today, and that makes kitchen islands a central piece of home furniture. And of course, they're available in every style, wood, finish, and hardware.


1. Browse our catalog and choose a product to start customizing, together with your dealer.
2. Select Exact Features and options, including:

  • precise sizes
  • molding & foot styles
  • door & drawer styles
  • wood species
  • paints or stains
  • standard or distressed finishes
  • hardware

3. Look forward to receiving your custom piece! Ask your dealer for expected delivery dates.

custom wood furniture PA


You're not looking to spend money on furniture that was made to work for everyone. Buying new furniture for your home is a big investment, so why not make it count by getting exactly what you have in mind? With the options here - and a little bit of imagination and creativity - your furniture will be 100% your style. Just as it should be.

Wood Species
Wood Stain
Drawer Style
Door Style
Molding Style

**Actual appearance (wood grain, texture, etc.) may vary from samples.


**Please note that colors can vary depending on what kind of display you are viewing them on as well as the wood species they are applied to. Samples below are shown on red oak.


Ohio Certified Stains


For a consistent stain and the most accurate color possible, we use OCS stains made by Valspar. Ohio Certified Stains ensure that customers buying Amish furniture receive matching pieces no matter which shops they buy from throughout the country. Minor variations will occur based on the wood coloration itself and the methods of sanding, spraying, and wiping. Ask your dealer to see actual wood samples with stain to get the best idea of the final result. When new colors are added by Ohio Certified Stains, they’ll be available from Dimension Four.


**Please note that colors can vary depending on what kind of display you are viewing them on.


Ohio Certified Stains


Ohio Certified Paints provide eight classic colors for customers whose tastes lean toward the traditional. Shown below, these colors approximate the results on actual wood. As new colors are added by Ohio Certified Paints they will be available from Dimension Four.

    Benjamin Moore Paints  

We use Benjamin Moore superb-quality paints exclusively. Why Benjamin Moore? Partly it’s their more than 3,500 colors. But it’s also their commitment to making the best paint possible. More than 100 chemists, chemical engineers, technicians and support staff work to make sure their formulations are best in class. So search the world of Benjamin Moore paints and find that perfect color to make your statement piece truly one-of-a-kind!

Go to and click on COLOR > FIND YOUR COLOR.

  benjamin moore paint colors

**Actual appearance (wood grain, texture, color, etc.) may vary from samples.


Dimension Four can apply our finishing techniques to any of stain or paint color combination. So get creative—make your piece a unique heirloom to pass down to future generations. Finishing techniques include Standard (non-distressed) plus three levels of distressing—Heritage, Heirloom, and Legacy. Heirloom and Legacy can be applied to either paint or stain, but Heritage is normally applied only to paint because the effect does not show well on stain. Glaze accents are also available.


STANDARD • Our smoothest, most even finish • We may allow some natural defects in the wood if they contribute to the character of the piece • Woods are carefully selected to eliminate any undesirable defects


HERITAGE • Sand-through on edges of paint • Stain and/or glaze applied after the edges are distressed, giving it the appealing look of an antique piece • Note: Heritage finish does not give the best results on stains, although we will apply it on request


HEIRLOOM • Rasped, roughened edges • Dings and dents applied • Clusters of holes applied • Glaze applied after painting or staining to highlight distressed effects


LEGACY • Rasped, roughened edge • Dings and dents applied • Clusters of holes applied • Faux cracks applied • Glaze applied after painting or staining to highlight distressed effects

We use high quality name brand hardware from several distributors, including Buckeye Hardware & Richelieu Hardware (visit For just a bit more we can provide hardware from other distributors as well.
















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